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Small heavy-lifter switchable magnet with 1,320 lb lifting capacity / 4,620 lb breakaway.


Weight: 50.6 lbs



Calculating Maximum Lifting Magnet Loads

Maximum lifting power is different for plate and round material lifting, and also depends upon carbon content of stock, stock thickness, and surface finish.

Calculation Example: FUGL-600, rated magnetic lifting power is 1,320 lbs.
The formula for calculating range of lifting magnets capacity is: T x F x M x Capacity

T = thickness, F = surface finish, M = material,

FUGL-600 Example: T8, F1, and M2, 90% x 125% x 85% x 1,320 = 1,263 lbs.

Calculating Maximum Lifting Magnet Load Chart

Percentage of Magnetic Lifters Power (by thickness of material)

FUGL Magnetic Lifter Safety


  • Lift more than the specified maximum load
  • Transport loads above people’s heads
  • Lift several work pieces at once
  • Switch the lifting magnet off until the load has been set down carefully
  • Set the load swinging or stop abruptly
  • Lift uneven loads
  • Turn loads from horizontal to vertical
  • Modify the magnet or remove safety signs
  • Use the lifting magnet when damaged or when parts are missing
  • Strain the magnet with heavy impact or blows
  • Stand under the lifted load
  • Leave the load unattended
  • Use the lifting magnet without having been properly instructed
  • Use the lifting magnet to support, lift, or transport persons
  • Heat the lifting magnet to more than 80⁰C
  • Force handle to turn on


  • Activate the lifting magnet completely
  • Activate the lifting magnet on ferromagnetic materials
  • Use the whole magnetic surface for lifting
  • Check the magnetic holding force by lifting the load slightly
  • Clean the magnetic surface and keep it clear of dirt, chips, welding spatter
  • Set the lifting magnet down gently to prevent damage
  • Check the entire lifting magnet for damage
  • Use suitable lifting gear
  • Follow the instructions in the operating manual
  • Familiarize new users with the safe use of lifting magnets by reading and understanding the operator’s manual
  • Keep the area around the on/off mechanism free and clear of any obstacles or body parts

Using the FUGL Magnetic Lifter

  • Read and understand the Operating Instruction Booklet provided with your FUGL Magnetic Lifter
  • Operate FUGL Magnetic Lifters between +80⁰C to-40⁰C
  • During operation, clear the components surface of rust, debris, burrs, oil, etc.
  • Center the component to the centerline of the FUGL Magnetic Lifter
  • Switch the handle from “OFF” position to “ON” position. Note that component thickness and surface condition can affect this process. NEVER force the handle
  • Make sure that the safety lock is engaged
  • Start the lifting process (approximately ½”), observing that the load is secure and balanced. Avoid strong impact and vibration
  • Never overload the FUGL Magnetic Lifter (refer to Calculating Maximum Lifting Magnet Load Chart)
  • NEVER walk under the component during the lifting process
  • Set the component down gently to avoid damage to the FUGL Magnetic Lifter
  • When lifting process is complete, switch the handle from ”ON” position to “OFF” position. Again note that if component thickness and surface condition are less than optimal, use extreme caution while performing this step