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RapidFire® Retriever

Versatile, swivel-head design allows various pickup positions on the part, and the long handle enables the operator to safely grab pieces that would normally be out of arm's reach. While lift capacity will vary depending on the size and thickness of parts, the magnetic RapidFire Retriever® is capable of handling up to 35 lbs. and exceeds the lift capacity of most suction cups.



• Retrieve hot parts off cutting tables with speed and precision

• Increase production while reducing the potential for injury

• Powerful Rare Earth Magnet holds part securely - lifts 35 lbs (15.8 kg)

• Release with just a quick blast of shop air

• Actuate release with just one finger, it’s as simple as the pull of a trigger


PART: IMRF-7 - Length: 7” - Weight: 0.80 lbs

PART: IMRF-24 - Length: 24” - Weight: 2.10 lbs

PART: IMRF-36 - Length: 36” - Weight: 2.30 lbs

PART: IMRF-48 - Length: 48” - Weight: 2.50 lbs


View the video below of the RapidFire® Retriever in action