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Using two 1,500 pound holding force switchable magnets, the Saw-Ray will hold tight to flat ferrous surfaces while cutting off many types of temporary attachments. The Saw-Ray will automatically advance the cutting blade to cut the object off flush with little to no smoothing needed afterward. To perform a cut, place the Saw-Ray on a clean flat surface with the blade centered and close to but not touching the object to be removed, switch on both magnets, power on the saw, adjust the height until blade lightly skims the surface saw is attached to, then press and hold the forward motion button until the blade has fully extended or the object has been cut through.


  • Two 1,500 pound holding force switchable magnets
  • 2.7" forward stroke of blade
  • Automatic blade retraction when forward motion button is released or max stroke reached
  • Safety lock switch to keep motor from operating if saw is not blade side down on flat surface
  • Can be used on ferrous vertical walls and ceilings at least 3/16" thick
  • Two tie-off points to secure Saw-Ray
  • Power converter LCD screen for saw status and error codes
  • Height adjustment knob
  • Stabilizer / carrying handle
  • 120 VAC


Weight: 47 lbs


PART: SR-101500